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Company: Light, Ladd + Emberton

Choreographers: Deborah Light, Eddie Ladd + Gwyn Emberton

Design: Becky Davies


Croesi Traeth (crossing a beach) was a dance theatre show on Harlech beach during the summer of 2017. Margaret Morris was a dancer who held a summer school in Harlech in 1919. Others join her in the beach-dream, including film director Roman Polanski, who shot the opening scenes of Macbeth on the beach; Meibion Glyndwr's incendiaries; the archangel Michael and other flying objects; and Ellis Wynne, the sleeping poet himself. 

Audiences were provided with binoculars and a soundscape on cordless headphones, and were unsure at times, what was part of the performance and what was real life.

Photo: Warren Orchard + Becky Davies

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