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Company: Taking Flight Theatre

Director: Elise Davison

Design: Becky Davies


From award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reilly.  Often blisteringly funny, at times almost unbearably painful; peeling takes us backstage into a world of secrets, a world of stories about mothers and their children, a world where these fierce, intelligent and capable women are always the chorus and never the lead.


Following a critically acclaimed tour of Wales, peeling challenges you to experience theatre afresh. Whose stories do we tell? And who will be there to bear witness? 


Touring Autumn 2019 with interwoven BSL, live audio description and captions. Contains adult themes.

Photo: 4piproductions




  • Costume Change Doll

  • Actor / Character Audio introductions with show soundscape on cans (Sound Design: Tic Ashfield)

  • Actor thank you cards in raised text dymo tape

  • Character scents in perfume bottles

  • Table-top floorcloth texture sample

  • Lingerie to describe texture of final costume state

  • Each charater's compact mirror (replica props from the show)

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