Taking Flight Theatre Company tours and responds directly to striking outdoor spaces across Wales with its annual Shakespeare production.  Unlike many theatre companies, Taking Flight places inclusion and accessibility at the heart of the theatre making process.  Visual and hearing impairment, incorporating wheelchairs (in terms of costume and access across the performance site), BSL (British Sign Language) Interpreters, live audio description and actors who far from conform to the usual Shakespearian stereotypes formulate a basis from which ideas for design can geminate.  ‘As You Like It’ explores the eclectic aesthetic of a gypsy-come-fairground-come-circus land within which Duke Frederick and his court bejewel themselves in a manner inspired by pearly kings and queens, denoting status.  In contrast, the forest folk are adorned by animal features such as ram horns and rabbits tails.  The use of colour and tactile qualities provide a multi-sensory and immersive experience, suitable for Touch Tours. 

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